Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red Mango!

Today I'm posting about my most favorite yogurt ever. Serious. It's sooo delish. I could eat it everyday. I don't- I only said I could. ;) Red Mango. My favorite kind is pomegranate and original swirl. Mmmmm..my mouth is watering just thinking about the frozen goodness. I of course go without all the fruit, but most people love it. So when you get a chance, go get some yummy Red Mango yogurt- it will make you happy. ;)


  1. Love it too!!! Wish I was there to eat some with you!! :) Lovin your blog!!! :)

  2. So apparently I'm the last one to know about this? Good grief! :) I've been to the Orange Leaf in Farmington, it sounds like it might be the same thing? I think next girls night we should go there!

  3. OH MY!!! I am dying right now cause I want some SO bad and it has been way way to long. I seriously adore that stuff and could eat it multiple times a day. If only that were possible...we need to go again!!!!


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